Sewer Drain Line Cleaning, Repair, and Replacement

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We are experts on Sewer Drain Line Cleaning, Repair, and Replacement. We’ve completed many jobs where sewer lines are clogged up or tree branches have made cracks in the line. See one of the images below from a job we completed where the sewer line was almost completely clogged.

Symptoms and Causes of Sewer Line Damage

Many residential properties have sewer lines. Most are not maintained by the city or county. Normally homeowners are responsible for the upkeep of sewer lines on their property. These lines are an essential part of proper sewer drainage. Most homeowners are not aware that even sewer lines need to be cleaned, repaired, and sometimes replaced in order to continue operating at full capacity. Normally when we get a call for help it ends up being a clogged, leaky, or broken drain line.

If you are experiencing a sewer line leak, backup, or broken pipe, we know it can be very frustrating. There are different things that can cause a sewer drain line to become damaged. We will go over some of the causes of sewer line damage and some of the symptoms that you may notice if your line has been compromised.

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Sewer Drain Line Cleaning and Repair

Symptoms of a Damage Sewer Drain Line

Slow Drains

If you have slow drains in the home, this may be an indication that a blockage is taking place, potentially leading to a sewage backup. Keep an eye on sinks, toilets, and bathtubs that drain slow, especially after you have attempted to clear the drains. If they do not clear, then you may need a sewer line cleaning. A side note is to be careful of using the store bought drain cleaners. They can sit in the pipes and eat away at them, especially if there is a blockage. It is best to call the experts to handle the problem.

Sewage Blockages and Backups

This is similar to the slow drains, but more invasive. If you are experiencing a backup every time you use a toilet, or a backed-up sink or tub that does not drain, then you may be experiencing a main sewer line backup or clog. All drains in your home is dependent on the main line being free of a clog to work properly. After cleaning of the main sewer line, the problem still exists, then there may be damage or an intrusion in the pipes.Sewer Gas Odor

The smell of sewer gas is a clear sign that there is a problem in your sewer system. This system should be airtight, so no smells will occur. You should never smell an odor.

Mold and Water Damage

If you suddenly see water damage or mold on a wall, you could possibly have a cracked pipe of some sort. If it is a sewer pipe, then you will have the accompanying odor. Contact a sewer line repair service immediately.

Patches of Lush Green Grass

This may seem odd, but sewage can be a fertilizer, therefore if you have a patch of extra green grass that has suddenly outgrown the surrounding grass, this could indicate a leaky sewage line.

Foundation Cracks or Indentations

These are extreme cases, but it has happened. If a leak has been going on for a while, the area gets and stays wet, it can cause foundational cracks in your home or indentions to your lawn, sidewalks, and driveways.

Causes of Sewer Drain Line Damage

Clogged Pipes

There can be many things that can cause a clogged pipe. Avoid pouring cooking oil or grease down the drain. Your sewage lines are for human waste & toilet paper. If objects other than that get flushed, it can get stuck causing a blockage. Even items like paper towels, candy wrappers, tampon wrappers, hair and many other items can clog a pipe. We all know kids like to try and flush toy! That will most definitely clog the pipes.

Corroded Pipes

Pipes are made of cast iron and steel and are galvanized to prevent rusting, they can still corrode because of calcium and magnesium.

Tree Roots

Roots are attracted to water sources and sewer lines carry liquid, tree roots will tend to grow toward the pipes.

Extreme Temperature

Whether you are talking extreme cold or extreme hot weather sewage lines can burst.

Sewer Drain Line Cleaning Repair and Replacement

If you are having problems with your sewage drain lines and think you have a broken or damaged line, or the sewage lines need to be cleaned out, you can call on the professional technicians at Herring Septic Service to come out and inspect the situation. Yes, you can try and do it yourself, but in with our experience, it will be done right, and you can rest assured your sewage problems will be solved. We can determine if you need a simple sewer drain line repair or replacement.

To discuss sewer line cleaning, repair, or replacement by Herring Septic Service, call us today (229) 356-1786.

Call Herring Septic Service at (229) 356-1786 and let us help.