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Proper septic drain field installation and repair, in addition to maintenance is imperative for your septic system to function properly. The pros at Herring Septic Service have years of experience installing new septic drain fields, repairing them, and preforming maintenance on the drain field systems.

What is a Drain Field?

A septic drainfield can also be referred to as a leach field or a leach drain. It is one of the most important components of any septic system. Maintaining your drainfield system in is crucially important.

A drainfield is the subsurface component that distributes, eliminates, and manages the sewage waste (effluent) from water that accumulates in your septic tank. Buried underground, the drain field has parallel perforated pipes which acts as a distribution system to remove contaminants and material from the wastewater and safely deposit them in the soil. The process of percolation within the soil eliminates harmful microorganisms from the wastewater, therefore leaving relatively clean water in the ground.

Drainfields are a well planned system, when installed properly and maintained regularly, there’s no need to be worried about wastewater in the soil on your property.

There are many reasons for a septic system failure, but in most common would be a failing or faulty drain field, hence the reason we highly suggest maintenance for your drain field.

Septic Drain Field Maintenance

Prevention is the key to a well maintained drainfield. One of the best suggestions is not to flush solids down your toilet or pour them in the sink. Solid pieces of material can become lodged and cause a system to back up.

Many people think it is okay to pour grease and oils down the kitchen sink. This also is a no no. They can damage pipes and cause a buildup of a crust on the top layer of your septic tank, which can cause even more problems, like a clog in the drainfield pipe.

If you think you may have a damages drain field or any other problems. Contact Herring Septic Services. We can do an assessment and let you know the problem.

Call Herring Septic Service, call (229) 356-1786 and let us help.

Call Herring Septic Service at (229) 356-1786 and let us help.