Herring Septic Service calls South Georgia our home and we are proud to offer septic services in these cities.

Valdosta Ga

Valdosta, Ga is a city in Lowndes County.

Valdosta, also known as the ‘Azalea City,’ gets its name from the vibrant azaleas that flourish in the region. The city is often referred to as ‘Winnersville’ due to the success of the championship sports teams in the local high schools and colleges. In addition, Valdosta gained recognition as ESPN’s ‘TitleTown’ in 2008. While sports are highly valued in the city, there is also a strong appreciation for arts, history, dining, and family-friendly activities.

Thomasville Ga

Thomasville, Ga is a city in Thomas County.

Thomasville, also known as Georgia’s Rose City, is a charming destination that is definitely worth a visit. One of its main attractions is the Thomasville Rose Garden, where you can admire over 1,500 beautiful blooms. Every spring, the city celebrates these stunning flowers with the Thomasville Rose Show & Festival. Additionally, Thomasville boasts an award-winning downtown area and has managed to preserve its rich historical fabric. Whether you’re looking for romance, historical sites, delicious dining options, or simply a place to relax and unwind, Thomasville has it all.

Thomasville Ga

Tifton, Ga is a city in Tift County.

Certainly! Tifton, Georgia is a charming southern city known for its rich agricultural heritage and warm hospitality. Located in the heart of South Georgia, Tifton is famous for its lush pecan orchards and as the “Friendly City.” One of its most popular attractions is the Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village, where visitors can step back in time and explore the region’s farming history. Tifton is also home to the annual Tifton Rodeo, a thrilling event that draws rodeo enthusiasts from near and far. With its friendly community, agricultural traditions, and exciting events, Tifton offers a unique Southern experience that captures the essence of Georgia’s rural charm.

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